Hypnotic Yoga
Hypnotic Yoga

Hypnotic Yoga

Experience TURIYA state of mind by learning Hypnotic yoga. It is combination of special techniques of yoga and hypnosis. Learn and practices it and experience yogic trance. Yoga is more than stretches, poses, or exercise; it is a path by which an individual may achieve overall physical healing and balance.

There are different types of yoga, but they all achieve their effects by helping the person to achieve union with a higher state of consciousness. Likewise, the real magic of hypnosis takes place when the mind is lifted from its previous state to a higher plane of thought. When a problem is seen from a new perspective, a paradigm shift from the previous state to a new state can be achieved, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Hypnotic yoga is perfect blend of these two which takes you to the world of bliss and divinity.

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