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Lifestyle modification chart

Lifestyle modification chart

The Four Pillars of a healthy lifestyle is AHAR (Food), VIHAR (Recreation), ACHAR (Routines), VICHAR (Thoughts). We use this method to modify lifestyle to harmonise body energies and get rid from diseases.

Ahar is what you eat, how you eat and when you eat is very important. Every bite you put in your mouth counts for your wellbeing and lifespan. Diet moderation is key to maintain a healthy life.

Vihar means recreation. Recreation, relaxation and enjoying family time rejuvenates the body and mind. It’s a kind of anti-depressant for us. Spending some time in activities which you enjoy clears off mind, relieves depression and anxiety, elevates your mood and gives a feeling of well-being. Assessment of sleep is part of vihar section in lifestyle modification.

How often is it that your day goes unplanned and you get hassled with too much work in the day? Our mental health and being are dependent on better routines (achaar). Regularity and sincerity are two major components of a good routine.

Our intellectual health is rightly dependent on how we think. Our thoughts are food for our mind. Always develop a good attitude and enlarge your vision. Good thoughts process can be added in daily life by reading good books, scriptures, reciting holy mantras, recollecting good experiences and thinking positive in all situations.

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