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Palliative care yoga therapy programme

Palliative care yoga therapy programme

Yoga therapy for palliative care is based on gentleness and compassion. It aims to empower the patient to accept and face the illness and death by holistic experience which has physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions. In palliative care programme we include some specific gentle yoga poses (asanas), Regulated breathing techniques (pranayama), gestures (mudra), Meditation (dhyan), Yoga Nidra (conscious, dynamic, yogic sleep) and meditative practices according to need of patients. What yoga can offer in palliative care is a holistic approach in which ‘individual’ as a whole is focused on, not just the disease. It includes a patient-centered wider perspective of wellness with the aim to offer relief from symptoms, pain, physical difficulties, mental stress of illness, and improved quality of life. Yoga can be practiced at any age and can be performed almost anywhere, even on the hospital bed. It is said that, “If you can breathe, you can do yoga.”

A thorough evaluation of the patient’s condition ensures a yoga program to compliment individual health status. A relatively safe yoga programme is design by experts to provide palliative care online or offline according to need of patients.

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