Hypnotic Yoga
Yoga/Hypnosis for Urological Problems

Yoga/Hypnosis for Urological Problems

Urological disorders of chronic nature, such as interstitial cystitis, vulvadynia, prostadynia, orchalgia, epididimalgia and incontinence are associated and aggravated by poor musculoskeletal, neural and myofascial function of the back and/or pelvis.

We provide a wide ranges of yoga modalities which strengthen function of Pelvic floor which have main contribution to many urological conditions. Our specific asanas strengthen both muscular layers of the pelvic floor (deep layer or levator ani and the superficial layer of the urethral and anal sphincters). More importantly, many of these asanas and some of hypnosis sessions are very helpful in bringing muscle awareness for patient and help them learn to self correct. Because the pelvic floor is not working in isolation, any rotation or dysfunction of the lower back, bony pelvis, and its joints will also result in pathology, so our yoga programs is designed to maintain balance of major muscles which influence pelvic structure and lower back.

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