Hypnotic Yoga
Yoga/Hypnosis for pain management

Yoga/Hypnosis for pain management

Yoga and hypnosis is a mind-body and exercise practice that combines mental alteration with breath control, meditation, and movements to stretch and strengthen muscles.

Yoga and hypnosis can help people with arthritis, fibromyalgia, migraine, low back pain, and many other types of chronic pain conditions. Hypnosis desensitizes the pain and relieve stress generates due to this pain. Hypnotic yoga solutions have a standardised program having combination of tools of hypnotherapy and yoga for pain management at different conditions.

Specific Yogic practices designed by us, such as specific meditation techniques and calming yoga poses, help to find an inner connection, teaching to shift your focus away from pain or discomfort and into a pleasant state of being. It gives you tools to be able to focus your attention away from pain. These Yoga practices teach you to sense to your body and treat yourself with compassion and kindness, honouring what your body needs.

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