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Hypnotic Yoga
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Yoga is a practical science which can teach us how to control mind and emotions. It is recognised as psychotherapy as it minimise rajas by uplifting sattva. Various practices of yoga can certainly make changes in an individual at physical , mental, emotional and intellectual levels.

Happiness is goal of every living being. Eating , walking, working, reading, dancing, listening to music, indulging in sex, excreting, sleeping, loving, thinking and even scientific activities are usually motivated by search of pleasure.

In this search for pleasure , man has discovered two important principles:
1) Pleasure is momentary;
2) Pleasure is always followed by misery or pain.

Hypnotic yoga gives direction to these searches of pleasure. Our biggest problem is we search pleasure in whole world but not in youself. Pleasure lies in yourself. Hypnotic yoga introduce you to yourself which is the state of ultimate pleasure. Hypnotic yoga is yoga of trance, the ultimate blissful state where your self (Soul) lies. This is state of complete health.

Divine Yoga is nectar of life. In today’s scenario the old saying “health is wealth” has been reversed into wealth is health and trapped us into growing anxiety, restlessness, irritation,reluctancy and fear.

Problem is everywhere, but solution lies in yoga only. It’s the therapy of mind, body and soul.

Now people are becoming self centered and going away from harmonized life so lacks love, friendship, peace and sense of co-operation . The fictitious lifestyle has overshadowed real enjoyment.

We are carrying the burden of superficial fake appearance disguising emerging fault lines, but only branches of YOGA have potential to cure problematic lifestyle and irregular emotions by harmonizing their panchakoshas and seven chakras and make body and mind compatible.

YOGIC therapies nourishes body and mind also get rid of infected elements and transform into affectionate blessed figure


To Provide humanity good health, mental hygiene, emotional stability, integrate moral values and attain higher level of consciousness.


To maintain or re-establish the ultimate blissfull state of health through discourse and practising various yogic techniques. We provide combination of yoga and hypnotherapy to maintain the health of all states of mind and body.


Quality approach for Wellness of healthy and treatment of diseased

We provide quality care and treatment during wellness and training programmes. Clients and Patients have placed their health in our hands. We believe in compassion, honesty, and openness with them during sessions and treatment process as well as training programme.

Patient /Client oriented approach

We work for health and wellness of society. It’s our believe that if any work is done with honesty and care, it will grow values and compassion in people which make society healthy and harmonised.

Meet Dr. Anvita

Dr. ANVITA SINGH is an eminent scholar of Medical Yoga and Clinical Hypnotherapy. After the researchof many years on traditional yoga she discovered ultimate blissful yoga which is called as HYPNOTIC YOGA, to cure imperfect state of human body including cure of all five energy sheaths of human body.(Five koshas).

After completion of MSc in Yoga and human consciousness and MD in Alternative medicine, she joined research in Rehabilitation at King George’s Medical Uniiversity and successfully completed her Doctoral in 2014. She is Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Pranic healer. She spend many years in psychic healing and psychic surgery and make a perfect blend of spiritual healing energy for clinical medication.

Initially she has worked with many eminent medical institutes like All India Institute of Medical Sciences Bhopal and All India Institute of Medical Sciences Rishikesh. After that she has been guest faculty in many universities and supervised many PhD, MD and DM research projects. She has been involved with various researches on cancer and covid-19 also. She is the founder person of AYUSH department at AIIMS Bhopal and AIIMS Rishikesh. She researched and worked with various tools of traditional yoga therapy for enhancement of immunity during this crucial situation of covid 19.