Hypnotic Yoga

I am using this word everyday yoga as being an HR professional by career and having a hectic life in a metro city, I needed a yoga teacher to enrich me with simple and effective yoga asanas which I can continue once I am back in my schedule. I opted for 7 days yoga course with Dr. Anvita and i would recommend everyone to treat yourself with her yoga course. She design yoga course according to my personality and lifestyle standards and her way of teaching was so easy to grasp, that I easily learn all practices and now opt with my lifestyle so easily. I feel so rejuvenated now a days due to her teaching and training. She changed my life completely. I feel more confident, happy and harmonised.

Shambhavi Khanna

I have been treated with Dr. Anvita for my Asthma problem and it has been an amazing experience to me. She is very friendly and helpful. It is completely cured now. She help me a lot during my crucial time when I was diagnosed as corona positive and admitted at hospital. She continuously counsel me telephonically and with her help I relax myself fought with corona and win happily. Its lovely experience to have you in my life as a teacher and a doctor. Thanks a lot doctor.

Shally Mehta

I have had Basic meditation technique course from Dr. Anvita. She is an amazing teacher. She is GURU ji for my meditation practices in true sense. I highly recommend for everyone and I will go back for sure to learn Advance meditation techniques.

Varun Kumar

Dr. Anvita Singh is inspiring and experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist. I recommend her few years back for some personality issues for my daughter. She treated her well and now my daughter develop in a wonderful personality. She is scoring very good in her class . She is more focused now and her behaviour issues are also resolved completely.

Sheetal Tiwari

Great, nice and humble teacher. Dr. Anvita embodies true spirits of yoga and transmits it with great kindness and passion. I asked myself many questions and all answers received here only with Dr. Anvita. She reinforced my motivation to do yoga but especially because it has been a great privilege to meet her kind of person. She serve society in true sense.

Sunita Srivastava

Competent teacher and a great doctor. She treated my Cervical Spondylosis. I met her in very bad state of my disease. She not only treat my disease successfully, but also help me time to time to treat my stress related problem. I recommend her as a doctor, as teacher to everyone.

Komal Bhatia

Being a Software Engineer, I have tight schedules of work and suffering severe problem with my eye. Finally I was diagnosed with glaucoma and then one of my friend suggested me to take treatment with Dr. Anvita at Rishikesh. After taking just two session of Relaxation therapy with Mud pack and pranyama, I found drastic changes in my eye pressure. My ophthalmologist was surprised with that. Now I am completely treated. I heartily respect and appreciate her work for patients.

Tarun Jaiswal